Why Yerba Mate is better than coffee?

Yerba Mate as a plant has been around for centuries, and apart from it’s cultural background, it is mostly known for it’s health benefits, namely as a replacement to coffee and other caffeine products. However, what is it in Yerba Mate that makes it such a robust and better alternative to coffee and other caffeine products?

To understand that, we must first understand a family of chemicals known as Xanthines (short for Methylxanthines). Now Xanthines are a family of powerful central nervous system (CNS) stimulants, and are mostly identified with chemicals who have the suffix “ine” at the end – e.g. Caffeine (coffee), Theophylline (tea), Theobromine (chocolate), Nicotine (tobacco).

What we need to understand here is that in coffee, while it boosts your energy and vitality, it also causes jitters and caffeine crashes. This is because coffee has only one xanthine i.e. Caffeine, and the caffeine in coffee acts as a Vasoconstrictor.

Vasoconstriction is the narrowing (constriction) of blood vessels by small muscles in their walls. When blood vessels constrict, blood flow is slowed or blocked.


The vasoconstrictory nature of coffee narrows your blood vessels, and over 4-5 cups of coffee, the jitters really start to kick in. This, over extended period of use (say over a few years) can have lasting and damaging effects on your system.

Now in comes Yerba Mate; Yerba Mate not only contains caffeine, but it also contains theophylline and theobromine. This changes the effect of the chemicals on your body, and the mix of xanthines end up acting on your body as Vasodilators.

Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels as a result of the relaxation of the blood vessel’s muscular walls. Vasodilation is a mechanism to enhance blood flow to areas of the body that are lacking oxygen and/or nutrients.

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This is what changes the game between Coffee and Yerba Mate. Apart from this, the pH value of coffee is acidic, and over a prolonged period of consuming coffee, it can wreak serious damage in your system, like inflammation, acidity, acid reflux, indigestion and various other problems. The pH value of Yerba Mate is alkaline, hence it only neutralises the acids in your stomach and is overall very good for your body. It is known that drinking alkaline water can reduce the probability of cancer as well, since there is no inflammation in the body.

Hence, considering these 2 points, Yerba Mate defeats Coffee by a long shot, in terms of the provision of vitality and in terms of maintaining your health.

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