Modern Ways to Brew Yerba Mate

We’ve discussed earlier the traditional way to consume Yerba Mate, that is in a gourd with a filtered straw (Bombilla) and hot water. However, there are other, modern ways to brew Yerba Mate as well, that don’t require the gourd and the bombilla, and have different flavours, as compared to traditional Yerba Mate. Some of these methods are listed below!

Brewing Yerba Mate with a french press


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Using the french press is a very quick and convenient method of making Yerba Mate tea. 

Note that this is not the traditional way of consuming Yerba Mate, however, if you don’t have a gourd and bombilla at home, this is a great way to get introduced to the Mate culture. 

What you require: 

  • Loose-leaf Yerba Mate
  • French Press

Step 1: Put some Yerba Mate in a french press.

You can start with 2 tablespoons per one cup of water, and add a little bit of cold water to moisten the mate and let it sit for a few minutes until it’s moist throughout. 

Step 2: Add hot water

And let it steep for a few minutes.

Step 3: Press the plunger down to produce a clear, green-colored tea. 

Step 4: You can add more hot water to the Mate, and repeat this process till the Mate is bland. 

You can dispose of the used Mate once it has become bland (or lovado). 

Tereré – Ice-cold, refreshing Yerba Mate

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Tereré is a refreshing, ice-cold drink that feels great on a hot summer day. The main difference between the traditional method and Tereré is that tereré is made by cold brewing Mate. 

What you require: 

  • A pitcher
  • A gourd and bombilla
  • Loose-leaf Yerba Mate
  • Lemon (or fresh lime) juice
  • Honey or Sugar

Step 1: Fill the pitcher or bowl with cold water and ice. Squeeze some fresh lime juice, and add your sweetener of choice (honey or sugar).

Step 2: Put some loose leaf Yerba Mate into your gourd, insert a bombilla, pour the ice-cold water, and let it steep for a moment. 

Step 3: Sip the Tereré till it’s over and keep refilling till the Mate loses its potency. 

As you can see, Yerba Mate is a very versatile herb, and can be brewed in a multitude of different ways. Go, grab your pack of Matero Yerba Mate from our store today! 

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