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You have just woken up and you are on your way to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee. Though you know that it is definitely not the healthiest beverage choice, you are just addicted to the energy spike it gives you. Addicted so much so that you don’t really  mind the crashing effects that you might experience later. Why would you? You can always make another cup. But wait!,by the end of the day you might have already overdosed on caffeine and would be sulking in that guilt.

Don’t worry! At matero we don’t want you to be sulking in that guilt. Hence, we offer you the healthiest caffeine in the world. One that provides the same effects of coffee minus the jitters/ ill effects and also minus the guilt. Drink as much as you wish. Refill as much as you can. Carry it wherever you would. With matero yerba mate you have access to the gods drink. Quite literally atleast according to the guarani folklore. 

The green gold of South America has earned its reputation as the gods drink and rightly so. It packs some knockout punches at coffee with the benefits that it brings to the table.


How much mate is a lot of mate?

To give a very simple answer – No amount of yerba mate intake is a lot. 

Argentinians and Uruguayans are known to drink upwards of 3 litres of mate a day without any problem at all. On the other hand they actually attribute their vitality to this celebrated beverage. At 85mg per cup, mate has far lesser caffeine than coffee but more than tea. This makes it the most apt choice of beverage for people who are looking for something  to sip most of the day. Yerba mate is packed with vital vitamins, minerals and proteins. It helps in increasing your mental focus, metabolism and also the rate of recovery of your body. Yerba mate also helps control diabetes and your cholesterol levels. No wonder the Argentinians are so healthy despite consuming so much red meat!


If you are someone who drinks coffee you must be familiar with the fact that there is a sudden spike in energy levels and the drop is equally fast. Coffee Jitters can make many people feel unsettled or make it hard to concentrate. Coffee Jitters are primarily caused by caffeine. 

But hold on, you don’t have worry about jitters while drinking mate. You must be wondering why mate does not cause jitters if it has equal caffeine content similar to coffee. Plants also produce caffeine but differences in its chemical composition lead to different results when consumed. Caffeine is called mateine when found in mate. Mateine is structurally the same molecule as caffeine in coffee, however the mate molecule is bonded more tightly to other substances in the plant. As a result it takes longer for the caffeine in mate to be absorbed into the body, leading to a more gradual release of energy. That means that yerba mate does not have the jittery effects that a strong cup of coffee can have, so you can start your day with some caffeine without the jittery effects.


As already mentioned coffee is acidic in nature. The acids in the coffee beans might be harsh for some digestive systems. These might cause heartburnacid indigestion, and reflux. On the other hand yerba mate Mate is group of powerful chlorogenic acids. These have the potential to provide digestive aid due to the choleretic effect and also increase the rate of bile flow. Yerba mate is an excellent ally to relieve constipation. Due to its high choleretic effect, drinking Yerba Mate regularly can help soothe an upset stomach and other digestion problems. 


Yerba Mate is an alkaline beverage. People who understand anything about holistic health would understand how important is it to keep your body in an alkaline state. Yerba mate exactly does this. This enables your body to be disease free. Plus being alkaline means that you can consume matero yerba mate empty stomach. On the other hand coffee is inherently acidic. Something that you want to avoid consuming empty stomach. 

Still looking for your go to drink for those early morning workouts? One that provides that caffeine and energy. Look no further.

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