Why Yerba Mate is better than coffee?

Yerba Mate as a plant has been around for centuries, and apart from it’s cultural background, it is mostly known for it’s health benefits, namely as a replacement to coffee and other caffeine products. However, what is it in Yerba Mate that makes it such a robust and better alternative to coffee and other caffeine products?

To understand that, we must first understand a family of chemicals known as Xanthines (short for Methylxanthines). Now Xanthines are a family of powerful central nervous system (CNS) stimulants, and are mostly identified with chemicals who have the suffix “ine” at the end – e.g. Caffeine (coffee), Theophylline (tea), Theobromine (chocolate), Nicotine (tobacco).

What we need to understand here is that in coffee, while it boosts your energy and vitality, it also causes jitters and caffeine crashes. This is because coffee has only one xanthine i.e. Caffeine, and the caffeine in coffee acts as a Vasoconstrictor.

Vasoconstriction is the narrowing (constriction) of blood vessels by small muscles in their walls. When blood vessels constrict, blood flow is slowed or blocked.


The vasoconstrictory nature of coffee narrows your blood vessels, and over 4-5 cups of coffee, the jitters really start to kick in. This, over extended period of use (say over a few years) can have lasting and damaging effects on your system.

Now in comes Yerba Mate; Yerba Mate not only contains caffeine, but it also contains theophylline and theobromine. This changes the effect of the chemicals on your body, and the mix of xanthines end up acting on your body as Vasodilators.

Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels as a result of the relaxation of the blood vessel’s muscular walls. Vasodilation is a mechanism to enhance blood flow to areas of the body that are lacking oxygen and/or nutrients.

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This is what changes the game between Coffee and Yerba Mate. Apart from this, the pH value of coffee is acidic, and over a prolonged period of consuming coffee, it can wreak serious damage in your system, like inflammation, acidity, acid reflux, indigestion and various other problems. The pH value of Yerba Mate is alkaline, hence it only neutralises the acids in your stomach and is overall very good for your body. It is known that drinking alkaline water can reduce the probability of cancer as well, since there is no inflammation in the body.

Hence, considering these 2 points, Yerba Mate defeats Coffee by a long shot, in terms of the provision of vitality and in terms of maintaining your health.

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Modern Ways to Brew Yerba Mate

We’ve discussed earlier the traditional way to consume Yerba Mate, that is in a gourd with a filtered straw (Bombilla) and hot water. However, there are other, modern ways to brew Yerba Mate as well, that don’t require the gourd and the bombilla, and have different flavours, as compared to traditional Yerba Mate. Some of these methods are listed below!

Brewing Yerba Mate with a french press


3 Main Ways to Prepare Yerba Mate – MateOverMatter
Source: MateOverMatter

Using the french press is a very quick and convenient method of making Yerba Mate tea. 

Note that this is not the traditional way of consuming Yerba Mate, however, if you don’t have a gourd and bombilla at home, this is a great way to get introduced to the Mate culture. 

What you require: 

  • Loose-leaf Yerba Mate
  • French Press

Step 1: Put some Yerba Mate in a french press.

You can start with 2 tablespoons per one cup of water, and add a little bit of cold water to moisten the mate and let it sit for a few minutes until it’s moist throughout. 

Step 2: Add hot water

And let it steep for a few minutes.

Step 3: Press the plunger down to produce a clear, green-colored tea. 

Step 4: You can add more hot water to the Mate, and repeat this process till the Mate is bland. 

You can dispose of the used Mate once it has become bland (or lovado). 

Tereré – Ice-cold, refreshing Yerba Mate

Pin by Natalia Norena on Paraguay | Yerba mate, Yerba, Yerba mate recipes
Source: Pinterest

Tereré is a refreshing, ice-cold drink that feels great on a hot summer day. The main difference between the traditional method and Tereré is that tereré is made by cold brewing Mate. 

What you require: 

  • A pitcher
  • A gourd and bombilla
  • Loose-leaf Yerba Mate
  • Lemon (or fresh lime) juice
  • Honey or Sugar

Step 1: Fill the pitcher or bowl with cold water and ice. Squeeze some fresh lime juice, and add your sweetener of choice (honey or sugar).

Step 2: Put some loose leaf Yerba Mate into your gourd, insert a bombilla, pour the ice-cold water, and let it steep for a moment. 

Step 3: Sip the Tereré till it’s over and keep refilling till the Mate loses its potency. 

As you can see, Yerba Mate is a very versatile herb, and can be brewed in a multitude of different ways. Go, grab your pack of Matero Yerba Mate from our store today! 


Yerba Mate: History and Tradition

3000 BCE – that is our first known encounter with Yerba Mate. According to the book “Caá Porã: The Spirit of Yerba Mate”, The Kaingang ethnic group chewed the raw leaves of the Ilex paraguariensis plant, gaining an energetic, caffeinated and theobromic buzz, rushing through their system. 

“I reached the place of our vibouac by sunset and drinking much mate, soon made up my bed for the night. The wind was very strong and cold, but I never slept more comfortably.”

Voyage of the Beagle, Charles Darwin

Chewing Yerba Mate doesn’t sound very appealing, and it wasn’t, even at that time. The trend didn’t catch on, and it wasn’t until the Guarani tribe in the late 1500s that Yerba Mate took off. They worked on exploiting the benefits of the plant, creating the iconic gourd, and the first Bombilla’s (filtered straw) made from sugarcane. They knew about the benefits of the plant, and hence knew the best ways to extract all its xanthine-ic goodness. 

It’s the 21st Century now, and Yerba Mate is just starting to become a worldwide sensation. In our modern world, we needn’t brew Yerba Mate only in the traditional ways that the Guarani did. Here are some ways in which you can enjoy Yerba Mate: 

The Matero Way – with the Gourd, Bombilla and Sharing Circle

Source: MateOverMatter

The traditional method, (or The Matero Way, as we say it) is the toughest one to set up since it even requires a group of friends. Just kidding. 

Yerba Mate is originally a community drink, just as a group of colleagues share a pitcher of beer, a group of friends (or anybody really) can share a gourd of Mate. 

What you require: 

Yerba maté may boost antioxidant levels for overweight and obese people:  Study
  • A Gourd
  • A Bombilla
  • Loose-leaf Yerba Mate
  • A sharing circle (not necessary, but a lot of fun)

The Cebador, or the one who prepares the tea, is the person who pours the water into the gourd and passes it around. 

Step 1: Heat some water, and bring it to a fisheye boil. 

Fisheye Boil is boiling till you see tiny fisheye like bubbles at the bottom of the utensil. The water shouldn’t be too hot, since very hot water might burn the leaves. Pour the water into a thermos to maintain its temperature. 

Step 2: Put 10-15g of loose leaf Yerba Mate into the gourd.

Now, cover the gourd with your palm, rotate 180°, and shake to let all the fine particles come up and the bigger particles settle down, acting as a natural filter. Now, rotate it again and set it straight. You will notice a “valley” or a “pit” on the side that doesn’t have Mate. The part with the Mate is called the “mountain”, and the other the “valley”. Pour some cold water at the base of the mountain to preserve the integrity of the leaves. 

Step 3: Insert the Bombilla and pour hot water.

Pour hot water into the valley, and sip water till there is no more in the gourd. Now, the Cebador will fill water again and pass it on to the next person in the circle. 

Step 4: Continue this, till the Yerba Mate starts tasting bland, and which point you empty the gourd and put new Mate.

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Yerba Mate in your Fitness Journey


Are you looking for a mate for your weight loss journey? One who actually pushes you across that finish line? One that gives you those sizeable energy punches when you want them the most? One which curbs your hunger so that you don’t binge on all that trans-fat loaded stuff in your kitchen? you shouldn’t look further than Matero Yerba Mate. (Pron. Yer-Ba Mah-Tay)

Now before we get into why Yerba Mate is such an efficient partner in your fitness journey, lets clear out one thing that Yerba Mate is not – Yerba Mate is not a magic pill, nothing is. fitness is an outcome of a good diet, a good exercise routine, and in general a healthy lifestyle. Yerba Mate has in it to be an integral part of this healthy lifestyle that will help you be the best version of you.


With Matero Yerba Mate one gets access to three great benefits that come with incorporating Yerba Mate in your lifestyle. 

  1. Supresses hunger and cravings – Satiety is perhaps one of the most direct effects of Yerba Mate on weight loss. mate makes you feel full for longer. It contains compounds that act as appetite suppressants which help you avoid overeating.
  1. It provides a boost of energy – One thing that your body craves when you are exercising is that extra bit of energy, especially when you are going for that extra rep. It’s the caffeine in Yerba Mate that provides that. The caffeine is similar to that in coffee, but a hell lot healthier. Firstly, coffee is acidic whereas Yerba Mate, in general, is more neutral/alkaline. This means that you can consume Yerba Mate empty stomach without stomach irritation. So, it turns out to be great for morning workouts. Secondly, unlike coffee, Yerba Mate has a gradual release of energy without jitters and crash. Many who swear by Yerba Mate have described this magical caffeine as “Mateine”.
  1. Yerba Mate has laxative properties – Yerba Mate improves digestion. Again, it’s the healthy caffeine aka Mateine. The caffeine helps the body to discard waste efficiently. improved bowel movement is a sign of better digestion and is great for a healthy lifestyle.

These properties of the herb add great value to your journey into becoming a healthier/fitter version of you. People do follow a lot of different permutation and combinations when it comes to their diets. Yerba Mate fits all of those. Be it as a hunger suppressant during intermittent fasting or a low-calorie nutrition packed drink during keto. 

Moreover, the alkaline nature of Yerba Mate is great for you to go for those early morning empty stomach workouts. There is no wonder international football stars like Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Paul Pogba, and many others love Yerba Mate! 

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Mate vs Coffee Blog


You have just woken up and you are on your way to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee. Though you know that it is definitely not the healthiest beverage choice, you are just addicted to the energy spike it gives you. Addicted so much so that you don’t really  mind the crashing effects that you might experience later. Why would you? You can always make another cup. But wait!,by the end of the day you might have already overdosed on caffeine and would be sulking in that guilt.

Don’t worry! At matero we don’t want you to be sulking in that guilt. Hence, we offer you the healthiest caffeine in the world. One that provides the same effects of coffee minus the jitters/ ill effects and also minus the guilt. Drink as much as you wish. Refill as much as you can. Carry it wherever you would. With matero yerba mate you have access to the gods drink. Quite literally atleast according to the guarani folklore. 

The green gold of South America has earned its reputation as the gods drink and rightly so. It packs some knockout punches at coffee with the benefits that it brings to the table.


How much mate is a lot of mate?

To give a very simple answer – No amount of yerba mate intake is a lot. 

Argentinians and Uruguayans are known to drink upwards of 3 litres of mate a day without any problem at all. On the other hand they actually attribute their vitality to this celebrated beverage. At 85mg per cup, mate has far lesser caffeine than coffee but more than tea. This makes it the most apt choice of beverage for people who are looking for something  to sip most of the day. Yerba mate is packed with vital vitamins, minerals and proteins. It helps in increasing your mental focus, metabolism and also the rate of recovery of your body. Yerba mate also helps control diabetes and your cholesterol levels. No wonder the Argentinians are so healthy despite consuming so much red meat!


If you are someone who drinks coffee you must be familiar with the fact that there is a sudden spike in energy levels and the drop is equally fast. Coffee Jitters can make many people feel unsettled or make it hard to concentrate. Coffee Jitters are primarily caused by caffeine. 

But hold on, you don’t have worry about jitters while drinking mate. You must be wondering why mate does not cause jitters if it has equal caffeine content similar to coffee. Plants also produce caffeine but differences in its chemical composition lead to different results when consumed. Caffeine is called mateine when found in mate. Mateine is structurally the same molecule as caffeine in coffee, however the mate molecule is bonded more tightly to other substances in the plant. As a result it takes longer for the caffeine in mate to be absorbed into the body, leading to a more gradual release of energy. That means that yerba mate does not have the jittery effects that a strong cup of coffee can have, so you can start your day with some caffeine without the jittery effects.


As already mentioned coffee is acidic in nature. The acids in the coffee beans might be harsh for some digestive systems. These might cause heartburnacid indigestion, and reflux. On the other hand yerba mate Mate is group of powerful chlorogenic acids. These have the potential to provide digestive aid due to the choleretic effect and also increase the rate of bile flow. Yerba mate is an excellent ally to relieve constipation. Due to its high choleretic effect, drinking Yerba Mate regularly can help soothe an upset stomach and other digestion problems. 


Yerba Mate is an alkaline beverage. People who understand anything about holistic health would understand how important is it to keep your body in an alkaline state. Yerba mate exactly does this. This enables your body to be disease free. Plus being alkaline means that you can consume matero yerba mate empty stomach. On the other hand coffee is inherently acidic. Something that you want to avoid consuming empty stomach. 

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Yes, that’s correct. All these famous personalities might have different professions and lifestyles but they all drink yerba mate. It is because mate has got something for everyone, even if it’s the Best footballer in the world or former president of United States of America.

The tea like beverage made from the dried leaves of the yerba mate plant is loaded with vital minerals and vitamins. Scientifically known as ilex parguaruariensis the plant is peculiar to parts of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The tea has deep cultural significance in those parts of the world but with it being consumed by top celebrities it is slowly coming to urban households all over the world.


Athletes need to follow strict regimes and diets to perform at the best level. For them, every minute addition to their daily lifestyle can cause a huge impact on the field and eventually the outcome of the game. One of these minute details that they have incorporated in their lifestyle but has gone unnoticed is them drinking Yerba Mate.

You must have seen footballers on social media stepping off a bus or inspecting the pitch with a calabash gourd in their hands and a thermos flask under their arm. Yes, that’s them drinking yerba mate. Not just Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo but most of the most successful footballers love mate. But why? Why do all the best footballers in the world want to drink this powerful herb before and after a game?

Energy Boost:

Yerba mate contains a moderate amount of caffeine, known to enhance energy level. Yerba Mate contains the compounds theobromine and theophylline which work together to give a naturally occurring stimulant, which has a smoother, longer-lasting energy effect than caffeine. This is ideal for footballers, who have to maintain high energy levels for at least 90 minutes when playing a match.

Muscle Recovery:

A study also demonstrated the potential effects of yerba mate on reducing muscle fatigue and a faster recovery time between exercises. This is because mate slows down the process of releasing lactic acid in the body. Lactic acid is often experienced during or following a rigorous exercise. Lactic acid is often the result of normal metabolism. Oxygen in the blood is required to convert glucose into energy. Whenever there is insufficient oxygen, the body breaks down glucose without oxygen, resulting in lactic acid. A buildup of lactic acid can make muscles feel sore or tired. Regular yerba mate consumption also helps keep lactic acid from building up in your muscles so you can decrease post workout soreness and cut your recovery time.

Symbol of Bonding:

Yerba Mate is the symbol of togetherness, especially in Latin America. It is usually shared amongst friends, where one person makes the drink, tastes it and passes it on. This tradition has entered the locker room of many top clubs especially due the south American influence. This beautiful culture has nothing but harnessed better team bonding and chemistry and thus you will see players usually enjoying in groups with one cup being passed around. 


Apart from top athletes you might have seen the likes of Obama, Pope Francis, James Hetfield and many more sip on yerba mate. One of the major reasons why it has been incorporated in their lifestyle is because the ceremonial drink has formed a deep relationship with them. Rightly referred to as the gods drink. Yerba mate drinkers have this aura around them which is tough encapsulate in words. The polyphenols and the xanthines combined create such a powerful drink in itself which is tough to ignore. Once a part of your lifestyle you do notice that it increases mental focus and alertness. Yerba mate is a very special energy source, which stimulates neurons and promotes brain activity, conscious awareness, memory and reasoning. Theobromine and theophylline, these alkaloids have relaxing effects which help regulate all body systems and can minimize stress levels. And by stressing less, you’re clearing your mind, which means you can up your focus and get work done. The minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, animo acids and polphenols found in this beverage have a balancing effect on the caffeine it contains. So it seems that yerba mate’s restorative effect on mind and body is superior to other drinks containing caffeine; as it has a double effect that is both stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Drinking mate throughout the day can be energizing and stimulating but also calming.

How to Brew


The tradition of yerba mate brewing is steeped deep in South American history. The tea like concoction has made a special place in most of the south American households and with Matero Yerba Mate we wish to bring this celebrated herb to India.

The major consumers of yerba mate are Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay. Though all countries have a different way of brewing Yerba Mate Tea their mate cultures are all based on the foundations of friendship and togetherness.

We at Matero Yerba Mate wish to spread this beautiful exercise amongst Indians as well. With our different offerings one can either explore the convenience of Matero Yerba Mate Partay packs or also take the more cultural route towards enjoying the caffeinated concoction.


If you are just starting, and you happen to get your hands on our mate partay packs, just pluck open a 10 gram sachet in any cup, moisten the herb with luke warm water, insert the bombilla (straw) and start pouring hot water and sipping. Keep pouring and sipping the hot (but not boiloing) water till the flavour is completely flushed out.  The flavour should ideally run out in about a litre of hot water but a true matero also loves a lovado (flushed out) mate hahahaha!

Another way of using the matero sachets is an overnight soak. Tear open your sachet and empty it in around a litre of water and put that in the fridge overnight. Seep the mate in the morning and voila you have a cold yerba brew for the day!


If you have loved the mate partay packs and are interested in building a close relation with yerba mate like a true gaucho. The Matero pack is for you as this gives you access to a traditional wooden gourd and flexibility of making your own traditional brew like gauchos of Latin.


If you have loved the mate partay packs and are interested in building a close relation with yerba mate like a true gaucho. The Matero pack is for you as this gives you access to a traditional wooden gourd and flexibility of making your own traditional brew like gauchos of Latin.
  • Fill your gourd or mate cup around 2/3rd with yerba mate leaf.
  • Place your palm on the mouth of the cup, invert and shake to remove dust and even out the consistency of the leaf so that the smaller particles are not collected at the bottom.
  • Keeping your loose leaf in a mountain like shape (45 degree) add cold water to the slope. This is to moisten the herb and protect it from the hot water that is going to follow.
  • Insert bombilla from the side of the slope and push the mountain up.
  • Add hot water to the base of the mountain aiming at the bombilla filter. And sip. 


  • Fill your mate cup 2/3rd with yerba mate. Use a tall glass for this. 
  • Fill your flask with ice and add water or a juice mix. 
  • Pour from your thermos into the cup the mix of your choice and sip.
  • Feel free to add a few cubes of ice to your yerba mate glass as well.


We don’t want you to run out of Matero yerba mate at any point. So get hold of your monthly fix of yerba mate with our 250 gram pouches. You can get a bombilla along and you should be good to go with the traditional brew in any cup or if you wish you can actually brew the loose leaf like any other tea. 

Also why not try the conventional French press or tea strainers if you just getting our signature pack,